I joy rdta box kit

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The iJoy RDTA 200W Box Kit is a complete starter setup for any newbie vape “squonkers” who would like to give this style of vaping a try. This large 200 watt box mod is powered by two 18650 batteries and features a prominent and generous e-liquid tank housed above the main battery compartment. With a massive 12.8ml juice capacity, the tank is refilled by a hole located at the top of the mod and has a built in light that helps assess juice level and cleaning requirements within the juice reservoir itself. All tank components are removable for easy cleaning and the kit includes a brush tool for this specific purpose. One of the most impressive features of this mod is that it has been designed with a choice of over 10 compatible build decks, giving users endless versatility when it comes to coil building and performance. The vast variety of deck options is a great feature for avid coil builders and allows for endless coil configurations without limitations.

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