smok prince tank

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Constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel and its tank material made of borosilicate glass, the TFV12 Prince Tank boasts great durability and created to withstand the course of time. The glass tank part of this tank is very unique, not only from the type of glass material that’s used but also because of the new bulb glass tube that protrudes the base diameter to offer a larger tank size, now offering an 8ML e-liquid capacity. It uses a Delrin wide bore drip tip that’s known throughout the industry as a “lip saver” because of its ability to reduce the generated heat to your lips. However, much like many of its features, the drip tip isn’t just your ordinary drip tip. In fact, it’s known as the cobra drip tip due to its unique cobra pattern design that perfectly matches each tank color option, which includes black, green, gold, blue, red, stainless, rainbow and purple.

Aside from its incredible appearance, the SMOK TFV12 Prince has so much more to offer with its features and performance. For starters, the TFV12 Prince has a patented locking mechanism which requires you to press a button to open the cap to prevent any accidental openings. Once you open the top cap you’ll have the ability to fill the tank directly from the top, avoiding any spillage or mess. 


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