ovns jc 01 kit

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Enjoying Juul’s delicious flavors but less than impressed at their system’s reduced battery? Prepare to be impressed with the awesome JC01 Vape Pod Starter Kit from OVNS! The JC01 is its own system, with its own refillable pods that feature compatibility with even high-VG juice blends - but an incredibly intriguing attribute of this device is its ability to accept all of Juul’s high quality and stunningly tasty pods! This device is equipped with a 400 mAh internal rechargeable battery that offers twice the battery life of the Juul system.Regardless of whether or not you’re frustrated with the “other” system, the JC01 gives you the chance to add some color to your setup with a variety of appealing colorways. Does an alternative pod system that also functions with Juul pods sound good to you? Then add the exceptional OVNS JC01 Vape Pod Starter Kit to your cart today!

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